Words of Radiance; Part two by Brandon Sanderson

Title: Words of Radiance (Part two)

Series: The Starlight Archive

Publisher: Gollancz

Published: March 5, 2015

Pages: 564

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Goodreads: 4.78

Rating: 5 stars


It began with The Way of Kings

There are many caught up in the war that burns across Roshar. Brightlord Dalinar Kholin, who leads the human armies; his sister Hannah, a renowned scholar; her student, the brilliant but troubled Shallan and Kaladin who became the first magically endowed Knight Radiant in centuries. 

This book, the fourth in the series, really picks up the pace of the series. Sanderson is brilliant in creating and building epic fantasy worlds, that immerses and grips you without letting go. The moment I started to read this, I had so many questions, but slowly, some of them are answered, leaving you wanting more. Kaladin is definitely my favourite character, at the beginning of the series he starts as a man of slavery, he had given up on the world, but there is hope as he meets a Syl. I liked seeing the struggles that Kaladin went through in this book. Especially his opinion of light-eyed nobles. I was glad that, although he is stubborn and has a specific mindset, that slowly changed as he became to know Dalinar and Adolin Kholin through protecting their family.

Shallan’s character definitely starts showing her potential as this book goes on, making her character much more interesting compared to previous books. Watching her learn and experiment with her gifts and talents is a great way in exploring this magical world. I love how her talent for drawing weaves into the story and is a huge part in her role to play throughout the book.

Dalinar and Adolin Kholin shows us a perspective in the height of the war and the changes slowly happening around them, with Dalinar trying to continue in he’s brother’s beliefs in The Way of Kings. It was good to see the front lines of the war that has been going on for years in revenge of Dalinar’s brother, the previous king. To see their purpose and how they go about uniting Alethkar and the resistance between the high princes, and yet they still pushed through with what they believed in.

Towards the end of the books, I couldn’t put it down! The emerging Voidbringers and the return of the Knights Radiant kept me up late at night! We had been waiting for these moments since the first book! Now, by the fourth, the anticipation was high!

The history and mystery of the Knights Radiance is was compelling. I’m always asking myself, “I wonder what happened, there must be a hidden story!” I just love Sanderson’s way of writing. He is definitely one of my favourite fantasy books. He’s stories are so creative and the way he builds them are so intricate and detailed. The illustrations in the book give us an insight to the way he imagined this world, and it’s such a great way to see into the author’s mind. I can’t wait for the next book! But in the meantime, I will be looking to Sanderson’s other works.


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